Apply for credit online.

When it comes to taking out a loan, consumers have no longer had to go to a branch of their house bank. The loan can be taken out through one of the many online direct banks. Many credit institutions are thus taking into account the fact that countless everyday businesses, including credit business, have been transferred to the Internet.

Advantages of online loans

Advantages of online loans

Applying for a loan online offers the consumer a number of advantages. On the one hand, he can make his application conveniently from home. It is therefore not necessary to make an appointment. There is also interest, which is sometimes much lower through an online bank. By eliminating extensive advice, the bank can save on personnel costs, which are largely passed on to customers in the form of low interest rates.

In this context, many banks do not charge a processing fee. Applying for the loan online also means not being bound by the bank’s opening hours. In this way, the application can be made in the late evening, and the necessary documents can be easily attached. Often the consumer is immediately informed whether the loan application can be accepted or rejected.

Applying for a loan online also speaks for the fact that the loan amount is often paid out within a few days, sometimes even on the same day. Furthermore, the consumer does not depend on a particular bank. Using many comparison calculators, the loan seeker can find the cheapest loan and at the same time apply for the loan online.

Not only the interest conditions but also the service content can be easily compared. If the consumer goes online to search for credit, he can also do so legally with a clear conscience. After all, the customer has the same rights regardless of the bank. In some cases, this even goes so far as to give prospective borrowers a longer right to return. Finally, the Federal Financial Services Authority (BaFin) monitors the lending business.

The providers

The providers

The customer can apply for the loan online through a direct bank. With a term of up to 36 months, a small loan in the amount of USD 3,000 is available from Fine Bank at an effective annual interest rate of less than 3%. If loan terms of up to 84 months or loan amounts of up to USD 50,000 are desired, the loan can be taken out with a good credit rating via Infra Bank at an annual effective interest rate of 4.29%.

The credit broker offers loan amounts of up to USD 100,000. The bank grants this loan from an effective interest rate of 4.35%. Easy Credit and Credit Plus Bank charge an interest surcharge for loans with terms between 7 and 10 years, which means that an effective interest rate of 5.99% can be agreed in the best case.

You can also apply for a loan online via a credit exchange such as Spin Lender and Across Lender. The consumer can freely determine the loan amount and interest rate. However, there must be a lender who is willing to lend his money on the proposed terms. The loans are granted by investors who agree to invest in the borrower’s project. The credit exchanges bring the credit partners together as a platform. Applying for a loan online via insurance companies is also conceivable. For example, the Ergo promises civil servants and civil servants an official loan.

Loans for college students

Are you a college student and need money fast? In September, when the academic year begins, banks signal an increased demand for loans for university students. These loans for young people are adapted, so they have a lower interest rate, almost no fees and repayment can often be postponed. You can agree with the bank that you will repay the loan with interest only after graduation, when you will be self-employed. Arranging a loan is very simple and that is why it has become popular in recent years.


Why a loan for college students?

Why a loan for college students?

Loans for university students can be obtained by I or II degree students. It can even be obtained by students studying abroad. In Slovakia, you can get these quick loans in banks or they will be provided to you by the Student Loan Fund , which is urging the Ministry of Education. These unsecured loans can amount to up to $ 1,300. Approximately such an amount is required for a university student for one academic year. In banks, you can multiply this amount several more times. You do not need to confirm the receipt of this loan, no guarantor, all you need is proof of a visit to the school.


Loan from the Student Loan Fund

Student Loan Fund

The most advantageous loan option for university students . The loan is submitted before the beginning of the academic year. The amount of the loan can be up to USD 1,327.76. Three percent interest will come in handy for every student. Even if you start repaying the loan during your studies, there will be no interest rate . You don’t have to prove to anyone why you use the loan money .


Flexi loan for students from Cream Bank

Flexi loan for students from Cream Bank

This student loan from Cream Bank is tailored for students. A low interest rate is a solid foundation. The loan is flexible, so it will adapt to you if you require a change. It is designed for students of full-time as well as distance learning. You don’t have to prove the purpose of using the funds, because it is a non-purpose loan, and you only need a minimum of documents. Students of selected universities in Slovakia, with whom Cream has an agreement, will receive an extraordinary advantage.


YeSavers Bank student loan

student loan

The student loan from YeSavers is intended exclusively for full-time students. It belongs to quick loans, you have money in your account within 48 hours. The repayment period is 5 years from the end of the study, but 10 years from the submission of the loan application. The loan is provided to students of the 2nd and higher year. The amount of the loan is from 700 to 6500 dollars . To obtain this loan, you do not need to have a current account with a bank, but you must have a guarantor (joint and several debtor).


Consumer loan for university students from Best Bank

Consumer loan

Bank loan in the amount of 650 to 10,000 dollars . Every full-time student at a Slovak university can apply for a loan. Loan fees are minimal and one-time. The loan repayment period is 1 to 5 years. Of course, it is possible to request a deferral of payments. The interest rate is 8.5% pa and is guaranteed not to change.


Consumer loan for anything for university students from bank

Consumer loan for anything for university students from Delta-77 Bank

A loan intended for students from the first year of university. The age of the student is in the range from 18 to 26 years, with permanent residence in the Slovak Republic. This loan requires a guarantor, who is obliged to supervise the repayment of the loan. This loan for young people is up to 8,000 dollars . Proof of credit is not necessary, you can use the money for anything. The first loan repayment can be deferred for 9 months.

Credit Comparison – Compare Loans Here and Save!

Cheaper to compare credit with credit

Cheaper to compare credit with credit

The next vacation, the new car, the renovation of the apartment – many Austrians are now financing such projects with loans. Interest rates are currently extremely cheap for loans, while the low savings rates promise little return. So now is an ideal time to invest. But how can you find a suitable – and above all cheap – loan in the jungle of loan offers? A credit comparison can help. With this online tool you can quickly get an overview of the existing loan offer. Immediately you can see where the cheapest interest is and which banks have offers according to the desired framework.

It’s so easy to compare credit

Unlike a loan calculator, a loan comparison is used to filter offers and – as the name suggests – compare them. To get meaningful results, not only some information is necessary, but you should also read it correctly. In general, you can easily find a suitable loan in three small steps.

Step 1: Set the credit line

Step 1: Set the credit line

First, information about the desired loan is given. So how much money should be borrowed (loan amount), the desired duration of the loan contract (term) and the intended purpose. These three details are sufficient to find suitable installment loans and carry out the comparison.

Step 2: Read the result

After pressing the calculate button, results are listed based on the information provided. Starting with the provider with the best live test grade. This rating system is based on the interest rate of the representative example. This is important because it enables a broader assessment. The representative example is not only a mandatory requirement for loan offers, it also gives interested parties an insight into bank lending practice. At least two thirds of bank customers receive the lending rate of the representative example – or a better one. So the chances are good for more than half of the borrowers to be able to conclude at such an interest rate. This evaluation is made easier with the live test so that interested parties do not always have to read the fine print.

In addition to the live test grade, the respective provider and the possible interest for the desired loan are then listed. It is also possible to mention an interest margin. This means that the final borrowing rate depends on the applicant’s income and can only be determined by checking creditworthiness and collateral.

In order to make it easier for users of the credit comparison to plan their finances, the expected monthly credit rate is also given. This makes it easy to assess whether you can afford the desired loan at all. If this is not the case, it is worth reducing the loan amount or changing the term, this can have a positive impact on the results.

The loan comparison can be carried out as often as required. In this way, uncertainties regarding the loan term or the costs incurred can also be eliminated. In addition to the rate, additional costs may apply. These are mentioned in the representative example under the provider details.

Step 3: make a credit request

Step 3: make a credit request

If one of the offers corresponds to your own wishes, you can start the application directly from the loan comparison. Simply click the “Go to provider” button and you will be directed straight to the bank. There you can then fill out an application form online. If you want to apply for a loan, the bank needs some information, but this is done quickly. In most cases, less than ten minutes are necessary and the individual loan contract is sent to you within a very short time.

Other facts worth knowing about loans

Other facts worth knowing about loans

Do you really not need more information for a good loan than that from a credit comparison? Yes and no. A credit comparison helps to clarify the most important question, namely: How much does the loan cost? The final answer to this can only be given by the provider, because aspects such as processing fees and the creditworthiness of the borrower must be taken into account, but a very close assessment of the costs involved can still be made.

In addition, there are of course other aspects that are important for a feel-good loan, because after all, the borrower often needs to pay off the loan for a few years. Therefore, the respective bank conditions should be checked again carefully before signing a loan application. Some interesting points that should be noted and that are important for the choice of loan are the following.

Choose correct use

Credit is not the same as credit. Corresponding to what is supposed to happen with the money, special loans can provide better conditions. With a car loan, used and new cars can be financed. The purchased car serves as security and often ensures better interest rates. For building loans that are used for the purchase or construction of a property, other requirements apply. The high sums required for such a project require adjustments in the course of the loan, as well as in the collateral. Mortgages and guarantees primarily play a role in securing real estate financing and are intended to absorb the risk if a borrower becomes insolvent.

Special repayments, installment breaks, repayment adjustments

The two most relevant parameters for a loan are interest and repayment. The interest rate can best be influenced by the choice of provider. The easiest way to find suitable offers is to use a corresponding credit comparison, Austria is no exception. With regard to the repayment (i.e. the repayment of the loan and its conditions), however, one should look at the fine print or the advertising promises of the banks. The more flexible the change options are, the better.

Important factors are the option of free special repayments. This makes it possible to easily flow unexpected cash surpluses, for example from an inheritance, into the loan. In the case of long-term money blessings, it is advantageous if a free rate adjustment is possible and the loan can be repaid faster. This is also helpful in the event of financial bottlenecks, as is the option to pause two installments. These extras are desirable for a good loan.

One loan – many names

Finally, a note on the different terms with which loans are often used. For people who are less involved in financing – after all, how often do you need a loan? – it is often difficult to find your way through the conceptual jungle. So here is a brief overview. Most terms refer to the same type of loan, namely the installment loan, popularly simply credit.

Another name for this is consumer credit. In order to advertise the rapid availability of loans, the term instant loan is also often used in advertising promises. However, the word personal loans is often misused. In the strict sense, it means a loan in which private individuals grant the loan. However, the term is used time and again for a loan that is taken up by private individuals, quasi as a delimitation to the corporate loan.

Beware of dubious offers

Beware of dubious offers

You don’t always get the credit you want. Banks carefully check who they lend money to, because they rely on borrowers to pay their installments. It can also happen that a loan request is rejected. Some would like to bypass the banks’ checks, but there are no reputable providers who do not require proof of creditworthiness. Should you come across offers such as “credit without KSV” or similar, you should immediately become suspicious.

If you google, for example, “Credit Comparison Austria”, thousands of brokerage sites and loan providers are listed as results. In order to prevent falling for dubious offers, one should pay close attention to the promises and check the providers if necessary. Reputable providers will not only attach importance to a secure connection, but will also transparently point out conditions, company headquarters and the type of data query. A credit check, for example at KSV, is definitely a sign of seriousness.

In the credit comparison of Binary Lender there are therefore only verified providers from established banks. The forwarding takes place directly to the banks’ websites.